Break Free from Dating Games with "Dating Is for Dummies" by Shawn Tyrell – Launching June 19th, 2024

ATLANTA, GA - June 19th, 2024 - On Juneteenth, a day celebrating freedom and emancipation, Shawn Tyrell releases his debut book, "Dating Is for Dummies," a transformative guide that challenges societal norms and advocates for purpose-driven connections. Published by Blast Broadcasting in paperback and Book Baby in digital formats, this unedited manifesto promises to reshape how we perceive and experience love.

A Fresh and Bold Voice in Relationship Advice

In a world dominated by dating games and superficial connections, Shawn Tyrell emerges as a fresh and bold voice, prioritizing truth and transparency in relationships. His book is not just another dating guide; it's a life-changing revelation that encourages readers to abandon the mundane and embrace intentional, purpose-driven relationships. Shawn's faith-based perspective offers a candid look at modern relationships, debunking common myths and providing practical, actionable advice.

Key Features of "Dating Is for Dummies":

  • Transformative Journey: Navigate a path away from societal norms leading to cookie-cutter connections.
  • Truth and Transparency: Build relationships based on honesty and intentionality.
  • Purpose-Driven Connections: Shift from casual encounters to decisions that shape destinies.
  • Faith-Based Perspective: Prioritize relationships as God's highest concern, fostering genuine connections.

Author Bio

Shawn Tyrell is a passionate advocate for truth and transparency in relationships. His unedited manifesto, "Dating is for Dummies," takes readers on a transformative journey, reshaping the narrative around dating. Prioritizing relationships as God's highest concern, Shawn's approach turns casual encounters into intentional steps that shape destinies. This debut masterpiece is a groundbreaking exploration where soulmates are not stumbled upon but meticulously built. As Shawn himself says, "Dating is the art of presentation."

Advance Praise for "Dating Is for Dummies"

  • “This is a masterpiece.”
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed this book.”
  • “Overwhelmed with joy and excitement for the author and future projects.”
  • “Transparent and authentic guide to building healthy relationships.”
  • “Amazing read!!!”

Availability and Pricing

"Dating Is for Dummies" is available for purchase starting June 19th, 2024, in both paperback and ebook formats. The paperback is priced at $24.99 and can be purchased at and The digital version will be available wherever ebooks are sold.

Launch Events

Join Shawn Tyrell for exclusive book launch events in:

  • Atlanta, GA - 6/20
  • Orlando, FL - 7/7
  • Miami, FL - TBD
  • Harlem, NY - 7/26
  • Brooklyn, NY - 7/28

Location for these events will be announced soon.

Contact Information

For more information, interview requests, or to receive a review copy of "Dating Is for Dummies," please contact:

Media Contact: Email:

About the Publisher

Blast Broadcasting is dedicated to publishing insightful and transformative works that challenge societal norms and inspire readers to live purposeful lives. For more information,

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