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Dating Is For Dummies

1 PAPERBACK COPY - Dating is for Dummies...

1 PAPERBACK COPY - Dating is for Dummies...

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Dating is for Dummies... navigates readers through a transformative journey, challenging societal norms that lead to cookie-cutter connections. This unedited manifesto urges a departure from undefined dating rhetoric, advocating for relationships built on truth and transparency. This paradigm shift encourages readers to bid farewell to the dating 'game' and embrace the intentional construction of soulmate connections.

Shawn prioritizes relationships as God's highest concern, turning casual encounters into purpose-driven decisions that shape destinies. It's not just a guide; it's a bestselling revelation that challenges and reshapes the way we perceive and experience love.

Are you ready to break free from societal constraints and build connections that are not just fulfilling but purposeful? This life-changing approach to love unveils secrets that can make, break, or redefine your journey to genuine connection—a journey where soulmates aren't stumbled upon but meticulously built.

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